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What we do…

The mission of adZENtures yoga is to enrich the lives of others with unforgettable experiences through TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, CONNECTION and YOGA.

We strive to provide experiences that inspire people and ignite their passion for living. Our adZENtures are structured specifically to help people discover these aspects of life that lie within each one of us.

Our goal is provide these experiences in a variety of different ways so we can accommodate a variety of goals, schedules, budgets and experience. Our offers range from 1-hour yoga sessions of all levels, to special programming and events as well as international adZENture retreats. All of which are designed to elicit that feeling of euphoria and provide an unforgettable experience for our adZENturers!

How we started…

The concept was created based on a trip around the world where different cultures and connections led to a deeper understanding of oneself and others; where spontaneity, living in the moment and being in love with that moment provided a feeling of freedom, unlike any other; and where personal growth and independence exceeded predefined limitations or expectations.  These experiences unlocked something – passion and inspiration and a need to share that experience with others, thus leading to the creation of adZENtures yoga – the ability to find one’s ‘zen’ through the adventure of living!

A trip around the world...

A trip around the world...

Who we are…

Our Founder and Lead adZENturer, Lindsey Conroy, has a deep passion for yoga, adventure, travel and the outdoors. She has been teaching yoga for the past 7 years and loves teaching students of all levels while continuing to learn about her own practice through study and teaching others. She’s an avid traveler and has been addicted ever since her first international trip to Spain during her studies at a liberal arts college in the Midwest. After 6 years in the corporate world, gaining experience in Marketing and Business Management, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and pursuing her passions.

In 2014 she left the corporate world to focus on yoga full-time. In deciding to do so, she spent the next 11 months traveling around the world to teach and study yoga. She was fortunate enough to be exposed to many different styles and techniques of yoga through various cultures, studios and teachers.

My year abroad was extremely influential and probably one of the biggest turning points in my personal and professional life. I have never experienced such solitude and self-awareness, being able to live each moment as they came was something truly uplifting and inspiring. I lived a year full of adventure, spontaneity, exploration and adaptation. I had the opportunity to meet amazing people, experience a variety of different cultures and step WAY outside of my comfort zone by traveling without a plan but always keeping my purpose in mind – to expand my knowledge of yoga. I traveled around the world, establishing friendships and business relationships all over the globe. I was fortunate enough to find a path that lead me to one of my favorite places in the world and thus created my plan to start leading adventure and yoga retreats. The experience I had is one I strive to recreate for others. To become immersed in this wonderful culture, step outside of your comfort zone to experience a feeling in your soul that is waiting to be found all while being surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature on the planet.


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