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Treat Your Employees

Treat your employees to yoga sessions, compliments of their favorite employer. Promote decreased stress and an improvement in productivity and satisfaction in the work place.

We recognize that the world is full of people working themselves to the bone in order to achieve their goals. Often times this can mean long hours, high stress levels and limited activity and exercise. We want to promote healthy lifestyles and calm, clear minds for those people that are always on the go! We offer an on-site program for your employees with Asanas in the Office.  It’s a program designed to be convenient and approachable for all of your employees despite their yoga experience or history. Not to mention, it’s designed to be hassle-free for you, the employer.

Sessions are held at the employer’s workspace or other location provided by employer.

Pricing for Asanas in the Office

  • Single, 1 hour session at your site – $150
  • Recurring, 1 hour session at your site (5 class minimum) – $100 per class. Schedule must be set in advance. 

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