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Our AdZENture Yoga Retreats allow you to step away from the stresses and demands of everyday life with a unique, holiday getaway. We invite you to slow down, be present and enjoy the beauties that life has to offer through NATURE, CULTURE, ADVENTURE, YOGA & RELAXATION!

Each day is designed with a unique itinerary, highlighting some of the most recommended activities and sights in the region. The retreat is meant to provide a perfect balance of activity, relaxation and flexibility that’s going to give you the best experience. So we invite you to be spontaneous, live in the moment and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime retreat!

2018 AdZENture Dates

June – September (exact dates released 1/1/2018)

7-Day, All-inclusive Adventure & Yoga Retreat

7-day, all-inclusive adventure & yoga retreats include a range of outdoor sporting activities from hiking to whitewater kayaking, local cuisine and wine along with daily yoga set amongst some of the most pristine natural beauty in Europe.

Throughout the week we will be based in a quaint, Alpine village where we will enjoy the comforts of a cozy chalet, the convenience of local shops and delicious restaurants. We will venture out on daily excursions for nature hikes, adventure sport activities and taking in the sights.

Daily yoga will be held in a variety of locations in the valley, on mountains, next to waterfalls and overlooking pristine rivers. Get the local perspective of this real-life Narnia by experiencing untouched and exclusive destinations that won’t be found on any tourist sites.


4-Day, Yoga Travel Retreat

This is the perfect option for those who are interested in an active and event-filled holiday. We will spend our days traveling throughout the western part of Slovenia seeing a variety of countryside, mountains and seaside.

Each day we will travel to a new town or village and have the opportunity to experience a variety of cultural traditions, see multiple attractions and taste a variety of local cuisines (including wine and schnapps, of course).

Yoga-ing your way through this country will keep you energized, relaxed and allow you to stay present for each and every amazing memory you make on this holiday…not to mention the photos from these places are unreal!

3-Day, Mountain Yoga Expedition

Looking for an adventurous and challenging holiday? Trekking and yoga-ing your way through the Alps is something we would strongly recommend. Take the opportunity to see this country in a way that not many do…views from the top of the rugged mountains that make up the various Alpine ranges in Slovenia.

We will pack our bags and head into the mountains for 3 days, 2 nights of hiking through majestic mountains, along streams and waterfalls and up to the best viewpoints. Venturing into nature and experiencing cozy accommodations in huts and mountain bivaks and passing through small, mountain villages along the way to enjoy local coffee, wine and tasty cuisine.

Practicing yoga outdoors in these locations provides a sense of intention and presence so you are fully able to experience each moment, experience and setting to its full potential. You will never forget this experience in the mountains.


3-Day, Acro Yoga Retreat

Take your yoga holiday to new heights and learn to fly with our NEW Acro Yoga Retreat! These few days will lay the groundwork for beginning Acro Yogis who are looking to try something new in their practice. We will also have daily vinyasa yoga classes that are designed to compliment the Acro classes and poses.

We will have fun workshops and lots of yoga playtime, practicing inversions and partner yoga. Each class will be held in a beautiful outdoor location throughout Soča Valley where the views will be as impressive as the yoga poses!

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Our Alpine Location…

Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe, bordering Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Soča Valley is a small region in the NorthWest corner of the country surrounded by the high peaks of the Julian Alps; it’s a paradise for all of you who want to slow down, decompress and ignite their soul. This region is sought out by many Europeans as a remote destination with extreme and rugged natural beauty.

Slovenia is unknown to many travelers and off the beaten path which makes it the perfect getaway, devoid of crowds and traditional touristic nightmares. It’s considered one the adrenaline capitals of Central Europe and contains unparalleled beauty and charming culture.

The home base for our adZENtures abroad is the Soca Valley. The valley is full of charm and character with locals greeting you at every corner, local cuisine that will charm your taste buds, dazzling, unparalleled natural beauty, and adventure sports that will leave you feeling invigorated!

This country is easy to call ‘home’ and nearly impossible to leave. It has a way of penetrating your soul and you can’t help but leave a bit of your heart behind. But without a doubt, this magical place is truly a gateway to igniting your soul and you will NOT forget the memories you made, the relationships that were created and the way you felt during your visit!

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