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adZENtures yoga has something for everyone. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of yoga experiences, adZENtures, that fit the interest and needs of new and experienced yogis alike. No matter your goals, we believe that we can create and provide the desired experience that exceeds your expectations!

Various types of yoga are offered through adZENtures yoga including vinyasa/power, hatha, yoga for athletes, yin, restorative as well as meditation.

From customized private and group yoga sessions, to fun and unique programs and international retreats, we have a range of desirable programs to experience! Each and every program is catered to your needs and interests.

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What We Offer

adZENtures yoga is passionate about providing opportunities for people to be inspired. Introducing you to unique and invigorating experiences that will ignite your soul and create a sense of complete elation!

adZENtures Canyoning in Slovenia

AdZENturous – Inspiring – Unforgettable

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adZENture retreat. Our retreats promote spontaneity, adZENture and fun through new experiences in wonderful places with fantastic people.

Group Classes & Events
adZENtures Rooftop Yoga
Yoga and Mimosas with adZENtures Yoga

Unique – Memorable – Social

Our unique events combine yoga, the outdoors and various unique elements that allow people to indulge in a multitude of activities with the convenience of one event.

Private Yoga

Customized – Convenient – Engaging

1-on-1 sessions are perfect for yogis who are just getting started, have a demanding schedule or are hoping to dive a little deeper into certain elements of their yoga practice.

From customized private and group yoga sessions, to unique programs and events, to international retreats, we have a range of desirable programs to experience! 

All of our offers are customized to fit the needs of our yogis. We strive to offer unique and memorable experiences through yoga!

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