Soča Valley, Slovenia

Experience The Sunny Side of the Alps

Exquisite Cuisine – Cozy & Quaint Village – Majestic Mountains – Unparalleled Nature – Exhilarating Activities – Friendly Locals – Tranquil Surroundings – Invigorating & Revitalizing Yoga


Experiential travel that provides a sense of wonder and amazement that will leave a lasting impression and an unforgettable feeling of elation and exhilaration. Join us on an AdZENture of a lifetime!

Our Alpine Location…

Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe, bordering Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Soča Valley is a small region in the NorthWest corner of the country surrounded by the high peaks of the Julian Alps; it’s a paradise for all of you who want to slow down, decompress and ignite their soul. This region is sought out by many Europeans as a remote destination with extreme and rugged natural beauty.

Slovenia is unknown to many travelers and off the beaten path which makes it the perfect getaway, devoid of crowds and traditional touristic nightmares. It’s considered one the adrenaline capitals of Central Europe and contains unparalleled beauty and charming culture.

The Village

The home base for our AdZENtures abroad is a little town called Bovec (pronounced Bovits). It is nestled in the valley next to the pristine river and at the base of several stunning and majestic mountains. The town is full of charm and character with locals greeting you at every corner, local cuisine that will charm your taste buds, dazzling, unparalleled natural beauty, and adventure sports that will leave you feeling invigorated!

This cozy and quaint village is easy to call ‘home’ and impossible to leave. It has a way of penetrating your soul and you can’t help but leave a bit of your heart behind. But without a doubt, this magical place is truly a gateway to igniting your soul and you will NOT forget the memories you made, the relationships that were created and the way you felt during your visit!

The Culture

Bovec is a village of activity and adventure. Whether you want to take a leisure hike along the infamous Soca River or repel down a 150 meter waterfall while canyoning or jump out of a plane, you can do that here in the Valley of Adrenalin. On our AdZENture we will have group activities that will get you active in nature and push your comfort levels to get your heart racing and your smile shining. We are guided by professionals who pride themselves on providing an unforgettable and safe experience for us all.

Not an adrenalin junkie? Not to worry, the valley is filled with plenty of outdoor excursions that do not involve heights, rapids and harnesses…you will not be short on amazing adventures in this valley!

Get outside and experience nature’s playground!

The Nature

Talk about eye candy, this valley is real-life Narnia and amongst the most beautiful destinations in the world. The emerald river, the abundance of greens that fill the valley, and the majestic mountains that encompass this enchanted mountain village will leave you breathless.

The beauty of this place is truly amazing and Lonely Planet voted the Julian Alps one of the Top 10 destinations to visit in 2018. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Eat and drink like the locals do on our AdZENtures!

The Adventure

Welcome to the Valley of Adrenalin… prepare to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself physically and mentally. Through these challenges and experiences, you feel truly alive and have a feeling of euphoria once you’ve done something for the first time. Be as extreme as you like, from skydiving to cycling, there are many adventures to choose from. Or you can try them all!

Get your heart racing and join the fun!

The Cuisine

Although it’s a small village, we dine and drink like royalty. Local restaurants provide a range of specialty dishes from traditional Bovec delicacies to Slovenian recipes passed down from generations to generation. The food is local, organic and fresh so we are able to feast on the highest quality cuisine. Enjoy pizzas and pastas influenced by the Italians, local trout masterfully prepared, savory Burek recipes brought from the Balkan, and many other traditional dishes of the region.

And why stop with delicious food when the wine and schnapps are such a big (and delicious) part of the culture. It’s tradition to have a glass of wine, or two, with a meal and raise a glass of local schnapps to toast, close a meal or fight away a cold.

Eat and drink like the locals do on our AdZENtures!

The Yoga

The yoga community continues to grow in Bovec, in a place of action, adventure, and natural beauty yoga is the perfect compliment and this valley makes for the most perfect studio. We travel throughout the valley and take to our mats to experience the blissful peace of moving and breathing amongst some of the most beautiful terrain in the world.

Mountaintop yoga at sunset. Morning sun salutations next to the Emerald river. Acro workshops in sprawling fields of wildflowers. Evening meditation in the valley surrounded by majestic mountains. The list goes on and on – waterfalls, mountain lakes, hidden swimming holes, river canyons, dense forests – all of these settings provide a unique yoga studio that will make your practices here unforgettable.

Be present, breathe and flow in paradise!

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