Wellness Experiences for Businesses

The workplace has changed…maybe for good. AdZENtures is passionate about helping your team stay healthy, productive and strong as we transition into this new way of working, through unique wellness experiences.

Wellness experiences for your team is a great way to improve interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills, beneficial in any work environment. These activities help to decrease stress levels, improve focus and communication skills while creating a team building opportunity through shared personal and professional development practices that are fun and interactive! It is arguably the BEST INVESTMENT you can make for your business!

Build a stronger team dynamic through in-person or online wellness experiences. Engage in customized team buildings with professional wellness providers.  Design your incentive trips and company retreats while incorporating wellness, adventure and culture as a means to inspire and empower your team.

Take your company on an AdZENture!

Wellness Experiences for Your Team

Workplace Wellness

There are hundreds of studies that showcase the benefits that meditation, mindfulness and physical movement have on humans.

Incorporate these elements into your weekly team meetings, team building workshops and retreats as a way to encourage and support mental and physical health by providing your group with a wellness resource like AdZENtures.

Customize the experience based on your theme or goals for your team!

Online Wellness Experience (OWX)

  • Convenient, 24/7 access from the home or office
  • Varying levels of activity ranging from absolute beginner to advanced
  • Multi-faceted wellness content – fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, stress management, etc.
  • Collaboration of professional and certified wellness providers
  • LIVEstream team building sessions monthly
  • Usage and satisfaction metrics
  • Gamification options available to drive engagement & accountability
  • Weekly emails with suggested wellness experiences for guidance

AdZENtures are designed to be convenient and approachable for all of your humans. Not to mention, they are designed to be hassle-free and produce positive results for you, the employer. Promote decreased stress and improved productivity and satisfaction in the work place through AdZENtures.

Business Travel

Wellness Experiences for businesses aren’t limited to local team building & corporate events. Offering travel experiences amongst or for team members is a great way to provide an opportunity to connect on a deeper level, build trust and learn how to work together. It’s also a great way to say, ‘Great work, thank you, now go enjoy your well-earned adventures!’

Whether you’re looking to get away with your entire team for an immersive retreat or you’re wanting to reward specific members of your team with experiential travel, we have some amazing experiences that we are happy to offer for your business/team travel, all around the world!

Inquire about our domestic and international retreat options for a team or individuals!

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