French Alp AdZENture, Chamonix

September 19-25, 2021!


World-famous Cuisine – Picturesque Villages – Majestic Mountains – Unparalleled Nature – Challenging Activities – Wine Tasting – Sailing – Mountaintop Yoga

Dive into authentic French culture with all your senses!

Join us on an AdZENture of a lifetime!

Our Alpine Location…

Chamonix is a small village in the French Alps, known for the infamous Mont Blanc and Aguille du Midi. Chamonix held the world’s first Winter Olympics in 1924 and has ever since been an active destination for adventurers from all over the world. The village attracts mountain lovers from all over the world but within a short drive, is also one of the most beautiful lake villages in the world, Annecy, known as the Venice of the Alps.

We will spend our week of the French Alp AdZENture exploring some of the world’s most spectacular natural and manmade masterpieces. Enjoying views from terraces above 3000 meters, to sailing on the crystal lakes of Annecy. Add in wine tastings near waterfalls and cooking classes from the comforts of our French chalet, it’ll be a week of culture & adventure in the Alps!

The Culture

Known for outdoor adventures and authentic French culture, this is the perfect region for us to experience the best of what France has to offer for an active holiday and a treat for all the senses!

With some of the most amazing mountain trails in the world as well as unique glaciers and beautiful water sources for sports and leisure activities.

This area is packed with tons of physical challenges as well as wellness opportunities. Enjoy some unique, outdoor experiences through sound baths, yoga, spa treatments as well as other unique wellness activities.

The AMAZING Cuisine

France is known to have the best food in the world, especially breads, cheeses and wines. Tantalize your tastebuds with a week of fresh, local food and drink. Raclette, crepes, baguettes, and duck are just a few of the French specialties you’ll get to try on this food-focused retreat.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn to cook this famous cuisine on your own! Enjoy the opportunity to learn how to prepare this famous cuisine on your own from professional chefs.

French Alps, Chamonix

The Nature


Enjoy the sound of the wind in your sails or the rush of the water under the catamaran, live music on the terrace of mountain huts to sound baths in nature and the silence on the mountaintop trails of Mont Blanc- so many aspects of sound in this majestic setting!

Breathtaking Views

Aguille du Midi offers amazing views of French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Enjoy these views from one of the highest cable cars in the world, the open-air terraces, or one of the mountain trails we’ll be exploring. Then take in the sites of colorful Annecy, known as the Venice of the Alps with a beautiful lake amongst the mountains.


Intoxicating Smells to Delight


Fresh mountain air, wildflowers in the valley, fresh spring water, warm baguettes, roasted lamb and essential oils…together that would overwhelm your sense of smell but individually, these scents will be such a treat throughout the week!

The Yoga

Throughout the week we will experience various wellness practices including yoga, spa treatments and a few other unique activities that may be new to most adventurers.

Experience various sensations for your physical body, from immersion in a sensory deprivation tank, essential oil massage techniques to various temperature exposures due to high elevation and warm sunny days on the lake!


The Space


Many don’t know or forget about the added sense of space in additional to the ‘traditional 5’…but on this AdZENture, sense of space is a big one! Our sense of movement and position in space will be one of the most apparent or indulged senses of our experiences!

Intentional physical movement throughout every day in various forms and scattered around the southeast region of the French Alps is one of our biggest highlights!

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