What is an AdZENturer?

An AdZENturer is someone who loves and values experiences. One who lives life with passion and curiosity and a need for exploration, adventure and learning. One who goes through life utilizing the senses that we, as humans, are given.

Experiences are our keepsakes…the sights, smells, sounds, flavors, and feels that define a moment or a place. We value these things more than simply checking a box on a ‘to-do’ or ‘must-see’ list. We aim for authentic experiences with genuine humans and those are the moments that define our world and who we are!

We live to explore the world around us and find intrigue in what is different, unknown, and even scary…because we know that we are on a journey to observe, to learn, and to interpret, in order to become more educated, more understanding and more appreciative of this wonderful world and the humans and creatures that cross our paths and fill our lives.

An AdZENturer cannot be defined because they are one of a kind…but some characteristics you could use to describe this tribe are: traveler, explorer, lover of life, lover, friend, enthusiast (of any kind), story teller, genuine soul, yogi, foodie, good listener, loyalist, adventurist, creator, supporter, encourager…the list goes on and on…

Lead AdZENturers

Lindsey Conroy

Adventure Yoga Retreat
Adventure Yoga Retreat

Our Founder and Lead AdZENturer, Lindsey Conroy, has a deep passion for yoga, adventure, travel and the outdoors. She has been teaching yoga for the past 7 years and loves teaching students of all levels while continuing to learn about her own practice through study and teaching others. She’s an avid traveler and has been addicted ever since her first international trip to Spain during her studies at a liberal arts college in the Midwest. After 6 years in the corporate world, gaining experience in Marketing and Business Management, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and pursuing her passions.

In 2014 she left the corporate world to focus on yoga full-time. In deciding to do so, she spent the next 11 months traveling around the world to teach and study yoga. She was fortunate enough to be exposed to many different styles and techniques of yoga through various cultures, studios and teachers. During this time she discovered her passion for outdoor yoga as well as the location for the AdZENture Retreats in a small village, nestled in the Alps where she now calls home. Lindsey spends part of the year in Slovenia building the yoga community and bringing travelers to this magical place to experience the exquisite nature and unique lifestyle. She is very passionate about travel, adventure, nature and yoga; by leading these AdZENtures she is truly living her passion.

Gustavo is Yoga teacher living in Austin, Texas with a desire to inspire and uplift people through high-spirited classes. He is an avid runner, a Crossfit and nutrition enthusiast, and a true anatomy junkie. His passion for wellness and fitness led him to the discovery of Yoga.

Gustavo incorporates the ancient teachings of Yoga and his own life experiences into vigorous and empowering flow classes. His classes are a fun mix between Power Yoga, Forrest Yoga, and Hatha Yoga with a philosophy which revolves around developing a strong core – “if you develop a strong core or center of being, there will be nothing that can bend/ break you out of shape.”

His classes are challenging yet accessible – they will leave you feeling accomplished, reenergized and a little sweaty! Catch him around Austin, online or on the road!

Gustavo Padron

Adventure Yoga Retreat
Adventure Yoga Retreat

Carrigan W.

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Carrigan is a woman of the world. She has spent most of her life abroad – developing a love for travel, culture, and personal growth through meaningful and authentic experiences. She is a very mindful person who takes care of not only her body, soul, and spirit but those around her as well. She has received her yoga certification and has a passion for and degree in nutritional sciences. She’s a traveler, explorer, yogi, friend, fiancé, wanderer, life lover, genuine, kind-hearted experientialist with a contagious smile and soothing soul! Carrigan cherishes all the opportunities she has to learn about, discover and experience what this beautiful world has to offer.

Where you can find her: Austin, TX or IG @_carrigram

Katie is the type of person you want to be friends with…her warm and welcoming personality is heartfelt and genuine. She has a deep passion for taking care of people and making them feel safe and loved. She puts people at ease and has a way of making any situation relaxing, comfortable, light-hearted, and fun! She is a yoga teacher who specializes in restorative yoga and meditation. She is grateful to be able to teach in a city she loves – Austin. She spends her free time going on picnics and enjoying the trails and natural springs Austin has to offer.  She is compassionate, giving, grateful, loving, selfless, silly, and uplifting.

Where you can find her: Austin, TX or IG @restorewithkatie

Katie C.


Kelli O.


Kelli grew up in the Midwest surrounded by an abundance of nature to be explored and a curiosity and desire to do just that. Rain or shine, sun or snow…she is outside moving from one expedition to the next adventure. Her nature outings give her an opportunity to hone in and learn new skills while providing a sense of freedom and an expression of loyalty to the Earth. She encourages others to challenge themselves to learn and grow; she aides in their process to go into the wild and step outside of their comfort zone and truly experience nature. She’s an artist, friend, encourager, photographer, explorer, pioneer, educator, lover of dogs, cook, curious cat and fearless soul. She is drawn to northern Minnesota because of the beauty every season brings with new opportunities for wonderment and growth.

Where you can find her: Minneapolis and northern MN or IG @kmokeefe

Steven originally hails from the Tampa Area in Florida, but caught the travel bug early and never looked back. After calling cities like Madrid, Spain, Santiago, Chile and Nanjing, China home, he traveled around the Americas and Europe leading hiking and biking trips for three years. He is currently exploring and finding his Zen by hiking in some of the most beautiful places in the world (Patagonia, Peru) and meeting other beautiful souls along the way. Steven is driven by a passion to be active and deliberate in experiential travel. From guiding guests around the world to traveling on his own, Steven is drawn to travel and personal growth. He forms lasting relationships wherever he goes and has a magnetizing spirit that draws people in. He is creative and unique and will make every experience special and memorable for everyone involved…he lives life to the fullest and encourages others to do the same. He is intelligent, adventurous, laid-back, athletic, hilarious, free-spirited, passionate, driven, and loyal. He loves to travel and learn about the world and the humans in it. He values authentic experiences and relationships and lives each day to its fullest with a smile on his face!

Where you can find him: Traveling through South America or IG @biddiste

Steven B.

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