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Wellness is an all-encompassing term; we offer a range of experiences that contribute to positive health and wellbeing from a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual standpoint.

The Online Wellness Experience is a collaboration of content by various professionals in their designated field. Bringing high-quality audio/visual content that is meaningful to the overall health & wellbeing of our members!

Structured weekly wellness routines. Optional LIVE class experiences. Discounts on partner offers. And customizable to what you need in your wellness routine!

Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to our library of videos on-demand. Accessible any time, so you’re able to customize your wellness routine around your busy schedule and what works best for you.

Wellness wherever you want it. Take your wellness routine on the road or outside by downloading content beforehand, or stream LIVE and On-Demand videos directly to any device.

Wellness doesn’t just mean moving your body. We offer a wide variety of content from fitness and yoga to meditation and nutrition. Try new things and find what works best for your wellness routine!

Why you’ll love The Online Wellness Experience

Variety of yoga experiences for all levels, including those who have never practiced before. Suitable for kids as well as adults.

Meditation, breathing techniques and mindful movement content to help reduce stress, clear your mind and allow you to stay present.

Weighted workouts that keep you fit.  Modifications are offered for weightless fitness routines. Variations are provided.

Keep your heart healthy with a variety of fitness and social experiences designed to keep you at your best.

Nutrition tips, recipes and cooking videos help you revamp your at-home menu. Enjoy a variety of options from vegan to ‘meat-a-tarian’. Incorporate healthy, clean eating habits into your wellness routine.

Science shows that a large factor in positive health and wellbeing is nature – vitamin D, phytoncides, increased oxygen, natural light, etc. Incorporate outdoor adventures into your wellness routine.

Pre-planned wellness routines. No overwhelming library of videos on-demand. Follow our suggested weekly routines or choose one based on your goals: ‘Chill Out‘ ‘Get Moving‘ ‘Short on Time

LIVE experiences weekly to make you feel like you’re part of a community. Q/A and chat capabilities with the wellness provider. Discounts for 1:1 experiences.

In a world of change and uncertainty, allow your wellness routine to be that constant in your life. Incorporate practices that increase your overall health and wellbeing, in a way that is convenient and practical for you!

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