Online Wellness Experience (OWX)

AdZENtures Library

Available 24/7

$10/month for a library of wellness recordings

Meditation, Movement & Yoga

No contracts, cancel anytime

Wellness is an all-encompassing term; we offer a range of experiences that contribute to positive health and wellbeing from a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual standpoint.

The Online Wellness Experience is a collaboration of content by various professionals in their designated field. Bringing high-quality audio/visual content that is meaningful to the overall health & wellbeing of our members!

Structured weekly wellness routines. Optional LIVE class experiences. Discounts on partner offers. And customizable to what you need in your wellness routine!

In a world of change and uncertainty, allow your wellness routine to be that constant in your life. Incorporate practices that increase your overall health and wellbeing, in a way that is convenient and practical for you!

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