The PNW Coastal AdZENture

March 31 – April 4, 2021 (4 spots remaining)

Life on the Coast

Coastal Culture – Fresh-Caught Seafood – World Famous Pinot – Magical Nature – Goonie-esque Adventures – Clam Digging – Coastal Hiking – Restorative Yoga

Experiential travel that provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new and different culture, try unique adventures and enjoy your limited time with purpose and passion. Join us on an AdZENture of a lifetime!

Our Coastal Location…

The Pacific Northwest has so many magical locations, one of those we especially love, is the coast! We will be exploring the northern Oregon and southern Washington coastline and soaking up all of the local culture in these small fishing towns. From preparing and cooking our own fresh-caught seafood to enjoying in the splendors of the world-renowned Pinot wines.

For our PNW Coastal AdZENture, we will venture out to explore nature in a fun and unique, Goonies-inspired kind of fashion. We are lucky enough to have the ocean at our doorstep and the mountains a short, scenic hike away…leading us into magical forests scattered along the coast! Indulge in nature and amazing food and wine on our PNW Coastal AdZENture!

The Village

The home base for this retreat will be Long Beach,WA. We will skip up and down the coast, venturing down to Cannon Beach, OR and up to Willapa Bay, WA for various activities and adventures! We will be exploring the local communities and soaking up all the great things these fishing towns have to offer.

These quaint towns have a true small town, welcoming vibe with lots of character. There is no place like it with the kiddish charm of the beachfront carnival shops to the bustling breweries on the pier, overlooking the Columbia River. We travel across stunning bridges, up mountains with an ocean view and yoga on the cliffs, overlooking the beautiful lighthouses calling the ships safely to shore!

The Culture

These towns revolve around the ocean. Everyone partakes in supporting enjoying what nature provides the locals. We will enjoy amazing, fresh-caught seafood and learn how to prepare it ourselves…a skill you can take home with you!

Nearby is one of the best Pinot regions in the great world of wine. We will have the opportunity to taste and sample some of the best in the world, right from the source! Get your hands beachy and learn about the history behind razor clam digging, long lining and crabbing. And explore the bay known as the Graveyard of the Pacific and all the history of fishing in the area.

Experience the magic of the PNW coastline!

The Nature

For those who haven’t been, the PNW is known for the natural diversity found throughout the region. Cliffs lining the ocean, magical forests dense with Evergreen trees, mountains with beautiful ocean views, and magical sunsets from the beach.

You can enjoy a challenging mountain hike, followed by a refreshing swim in the surf…all in the same day with only a short distance to travel. We will experience all that nature has to offer in this beautiful part of the country.

Opt outside and enjoy the best of nature!

The Adventure

Adventuring along the coast will be the highlight for sure! With this being the set for one of the best adventure movies of all time (THE GOONIES), we will follow their lead and explore this region to find our own treasures that are scattered in this area.

We will enjoy adventures in nature, with food, on the water and have a unique and memorable time in doing so!

Get ready for some treasure-hunting fun!

The Cuisine

Being set on the coast, you can imagine that you are in store for some AMAZING seafood. We will have the opportunity to learn the secrets behind amazing seafood recipes, and tasting local delicacies caught by our AdZENtures fisherman! We will learn the many different preparation techniques for rare and unique foods, local to this area – from smoking cod collars to creating your own clam chowder! You can expect to leave this weekend with a full belly and pleased palette.

Eat and drink like the locals do on our AdZENtures!

The Yoga

The wellness component of this AdZENture is going to be very present in that we will focus a large part of our time on the rest and restoration of your body, mind and spirit. Incorporating yoga and wellness activities throughout the whole weekend.

Enjoy reflective walks in the forest, relaxing yoga and meditation sessions with the sound of the waves crashing in the distance and wellness activities meant to restore and rejuvenate!

Be present, breathe and flow in paradise!

To book our AdZENture, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit. Payment plans and options available!

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