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Daily Classes, Workshops, & Retreats

Yoga is the perfect compliment to a day on the river, in the mountains, or any other adrenaline sport of your choosing. Our unique yoga sessions allow you to experience the beauty of Soča Valley in a way unlike any other. We travel to various locations throughout the valley so you can get the most out of your outdoor yoga experience from mountaintops to riverside beaches.


Weekly Classes & Special Events

We are happy to be a part of Austin’s bustling yoga scene. We offer outdoor yoga paired with other special interests so you’re able to experience an inviting practice and maybe try something new! We want to emphasize that yoga is for everyone…rock climbers, kayakers, music lovers, mimosa drinkers, etc…so we combine yoga with all of these things and more!

Join us in various destinations around the world for unique experiences & events!

Want to create a custom AdZENture in a location of your choosing? Reach out!

Wellness Experiences & Events

AdZENtures has something for everyone. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of unique wellness experiences & events or as we call them, AdZENtures, that fit the interest and needs of all of our guests. No matter your goals, we believe that we can create and provide the desired experience that exceeds your expectations! 

If you’re not able to join us in person at these locations, join us virtually! We offer online wellness experiences that are open to the public as well as customized virtual experiences, specific to your groups’ needs! 

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