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If you’re new to yoga and the idea of a room filled with yogis, dressed head-to-toe in yoga attire, standing on their heads just freaks you out, 1-on-1 sessions might be the perfect way to get you into yoga while being comfortable.

If you’re a business or residential entity, click here to find out about ongoing yoga sessions that can be offered to your employees or residents.

We offer a range of package and pricing options and are flexible with location and experience levels. Please contact us for questions, current scheduled classes or to book a new session.

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Group Sessions

Group sessions are great for sports teams, fitness studios, athletic establishments, special interest groups or just a bunch of friendly yogis who want to get their zen on!

If you and a few friends or coworkers are looking for a fun, group activity but would like a customized and personal experience, Small Group Sessions are a great option! Also great for bachelorette parties, corporate events, family gatherings and birthdays.

Athletes use the body in every sense of the word, utilizing the breath, the muscles and the joints. At times, we don’t always give the body the tools for the rejuvenation and restoration it deserves. Yoga is one of the greatest gifts an athlete can give back to the body, not only to help repair muscles and joints but to also enhance flexibility, balance, durability and recovery time, making our bodies more efficient and healthy.


Join a scheduled class:

  • 1-hour, $20 per person

Schedule a private group session:

  • 1-hour, 2-3 people – $100. $20 additional for each person over 3, $150 flat rate for 6+ people
  • 1-hour yoga + 15 minute meditation and mini massage, 2-3 people – $125. $25 additional for each person. $200 flat rate for 6+ people
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Corporations & Businesses

For corporate, business and/or residential entities, yoga can be a great way to increase satisfaction and create a better sense of community within your organization. It offers a unique experience that provides social interaction and a common experience that can be shared amongst many. This added amenity will make your organization stand out from the competition as it shows you value your employees/residents.

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1-on-1 Sessions


  • 1-hour Session – $50
  • 5 Session Package – $225
  • 1-hour Session + 15 Min. Meditation & Mini Massage – $75
  • Referral Bonus – Refer a friend & receive 25% off towards next session

1-on-1 sessions are perfect for yogis who are just getting started, have a demanding schedule or are hoping to dive a little deeper into certain elements of their yoga practice. The 1-on-1 sessions are tailored to fit the goals of each student, so beginners can work on the fundamentals and more experienced students can work on specific needs.

These personalized sessions allow a focus on the interests of the individual yogi, whether that pertains to adjustments, in-depth specifics of various asanas (postures), injuries, meditation, etc. A 1-on-1 session can be set-up to explore: the fundamentals of yoga, how to do a specific asana or flow, adjusting to injuries, improvement of practice, home-practice, meditation, complimentary activities, plus much more.

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Special Events

Our events are meant to be unique and memorable by combining yoga, the outdoors and other elements that create fun and social experiences. We have ongoing events all over Austin, so you can sign up for an existing event or schedule a custom event for your next social gathering.

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