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adZENture [ad-ZEN-chur] noun – a state of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing achieved by immersing oneself fully into the present moment of a unique experience comprised of adventure, nature, culture, community & mindfulness.

Why AdZENtures?

AdZENtures is an Experience Company that creates unique wellness experiences and Experiential Travel Retreats! We specialize in designing unforgettable and authentic adventures, providing an opportunity for you to try new things, step outside of your comfort zone, and have the time of your life!

Our mission is to enrich the lives of others with unforgettable experiences through TRAVEL, NATURE, ADVENTURE, CULTURE, CONNECTION and YOGA. We incorporate at least one, if not all, of these aspects in every experience that we offer!

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Plant Pop-Up for Well Aware

Yoga Session + Marketplace to Buy, Sell or Swap Plants

August 21 || Austin, TX

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Bringing Fresh Water to Remote Villages


From immersive Experiential Travel Retreats, to unique programs and events, to online wellness content, we have a range of desirable programs to experience! 

All of our offers are customized to fit the needs of our guests. We design and produce original and impactful experiences wherever we go!

Experiential Retreats

Adventurous – Inspiring – Unforgettable

Your time is precious, spend it wisely. Step out of your comfort zone, experience a new culture and participate in our unique Experiential Travel Retreats! Our trips challenge and inspire guests to fully live life to the utmost, through memorable experiences around the world.

Classes & Events

Accessible – Fun – Unique

Our unique events combine yoga, nature and unique elements that allow people to indulge in various activities that are part of the local culture. Join us and our local partners for fun events around the world, beginners welcome! Great for group/team events and wedding parties!

Online Wellness Experience

Convenient – Informative – Professional

We have created an Online Wellness Experience consisting of content from professionals with various backgrounds and specialties. From restorative yin & meditation classes to upbeat fitness and yoga flows. Join us online 24/7 for on-demand content and LIVE events.

Are AdZENtures right for you?

AdZENtures offers a 5-star experience…a well-rounded, holistic holiday that challenges guests to step outside of their comfort zone while experiencing new cultures and activities, all while being supported by our small group of amazing humans.

We do not promise 5-star accommodation and turn-down service nor do we promote one-off adventures for each individual. What we do offer is an amazing group experience where you are able to ‘choose your own AdZENture’ based on the opportunities we create specifically for our guests.

Our experiences do not cater to what’s familiar or comfortable. They are authentic, creative and designed exclusively for you. We do not only hit the ‘highlights’ or ‘must-dos’ but we create unique aspects of the best experiences in each location!

We curate experiences in locations where we have spent time personally exploring and adventuring. We have local friends, guides, partners and collaborators who are the best at what they do. Through time and research, we are able to put together meaningful experiences knowing what truly works and what doesn’t.

If you’re looking for something totally unique and out of the ordinary, that’s what we offer. We pride ourselves on creating ‘non-Googleable’ retreats by experiencing our programs firsthand and determining what activities and adventures best suit our guests based on what we know about you. We know that you work hard, your time is valuable and you’re looking for exciting adventures, to experience unique cultures and to find joy and peace of mind while you do so.

If this sounds like the kind of experience you’re looking for, we’d love to have you join our AdZENtures community!


From customized private and group retreats, to unique wellness experiences and events, to online wellness, we have a range of desirable programs to experience! 

All of our offers are customized to fit the needs of our yogis. We strive to offer unique and memorable experiences through yoga!


We provide daily adventures throughout the beautiful Soča Valley from April-September, giving our guests a glimpse into this breathtaking valley through the practice of movement and breath. Yoga is the perfect compliment to a day paddling on the river, hiking in the mountains or simply seeing the sights.

Enjoy unique programs such as Yoga & Paddle Boarding, Mountaintop Yoga, Riverside Yoga & Craft Beer, to name a few! We also offer Experiential Travel Retreats for 3 or 7 days if you’re interested in extending your experience beyond the yoga mat! Experience this magical place with local guides!


In Austin, Texas there is no shortage of yoga…but what we do is a bit different. We pair yoga with a variety of special interests to create fun and unique yoga events in this active, yoga-centric community.

We offer a variety of events around Austin, both in nature and the heart of downtown! We collaborate with local partners to provide unique experiences with top quality, local products & services. We keep our events fresh and enticing by putting a unique twist on the typical yoga class. Perfect for private groups and special events (i.e. team building or bach parties)!


The concept for AdZENtures was inspired by a trip around the world where different cultures and connections led to unforgettable experiences and lifelong friendships; where spontaneity, living in the moment and being in love with that moment provided a feeling of freedom, unlike any other; and where personal growth and independence exceeded predefined limitations or expectations.  These experiences unlocked something – passion and inspiration and a need to share that experience with others, thus leading to the creation of AdZENtures – an outlet providing the ability to find one’s ‘zen’ through the adventure of living!

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