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Why adZENtures?

The mission of adZENtures yoga is to enrich the lives of others with unforgettable experiences through TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, CONNECTION and YOGA.

We strive to provide experiences that inspire people and ignite their passion for living. Our adZENtures are structured specifically to help people discover these aspects of life that lie within each one of us.

Our goal is provide experiences in a variety of ways so we can accommodate a variety of goals, schedules, budgets and experience levels. Our offers range from 1-hour yoga sessions of all levels, to special programming and events as well as international adZENture retreats. All of which are designed to elicit that feeling of euphoria and provide an unforgettable experience for our adZENturers!

To live will be an awfully big adventure – Peter Pan


Featured Retreat

– Alpine Adventure & Yoga Retreat –

Soča Valley, Slovenia
Summer 2017

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adZENture Retreats
adZENtures Canyoning in Slovenia
Mangard Peak, Soca Valley Slovenia

AdZENturous – Inspiring – Unforgettable

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adZENture retreat. Our retreats promote spontaneity, adZENture and fun through new experiences in wonderful places with fantastic people.

Group & 1:1 Sessions
adZENtures Rooftop Yoga

Customized – Convenient – Engaging

Small Group and 1-on-1 sessions are perfect for yogis who have a demanding schedule or are hoping to dive a little deeper into certain elements of their yoga practice.

Events & Programs
Yoga and Mimosas with adZENtures Yoga

Unique – Memorable – Social

Our unique events combine yoga, the outdoors and various unique elements that allow people to indulge in a multitude of activities with the convenience of one event.

From customized private and group yoga sessions, to unique programs and events, to international retreats, we have a range of desirable programs to experience! 

All of our offers are customized to fit the needs of our yogis. We strive to offer unique and memorable experiences through yoga!

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Live inspired

adZENtures yoga is passionate about providing opportunities for people to be inspired. Introducing you to unique and invigorating experiences that will ignite your soul and create a sense of complete elation!


Land of the Lotus

Northern Vietnam

Experience a world unlike any other in northern Vietnam. Where winding roads snake along rivers; where they twist and turn around rice fields and soaring mountainsides; where vibrant cities coined the phrase ‘organized chaos’. This adZENture will give you insight into this unique culture and fantastic, ancient traditions still in practice today.





Alpine adZENture

Soča Valley, Slovenia

In this real-life Narnia you will find breathtaking beauty in the form of majestic mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, indescribable rivers, quaint villages, palette-pleasing cuisine and above all, soul-igniting adventure in the heart of the stunning Soča Valley. This setting is truly inspiring and allows you to slow down and be present in every moment, whether its in a yoga posture next to the dazzling Soča River or repelling from ‘The Cathedral’, a 150 meter waterfall on one of the featured canyoning excursions. This adZENture is one you will never forget!


Sabai, Sabai

Pai, Thailand

Sabai, sabai in the Thai language translates to ‘slowly, slowly’…which is the pace of life in this northern, mountain village. This adZENture takes us on a journey to explore the hidden, local gems. Away from bustling lines and run-of-the-mill tours. This adZENture is the epitome of relaxation!

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About Us

The concept for adZENtures yoga was inspired by a trip around the world where different cultures and connections led to a deeper understanding of oneself and others; where spontaneity, living in the moment and being in love with that moment provided a feeling of freedom, unlike any other; and where personal growth and independence exceeded predefined limitations or expectations.  These experiences unlocked something – passion and inspiration and a need to share that experience with others, thus leading to the creation of adZENtures yoga – an outlet providing the ability to find one’s ‘zen’ through the adventure of living!

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